Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?
Tired As A Mother?

Tired As A Mother?

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The Little Things ARE the Big Things…

" A specially curated selection of little things to help that special Nurturer in your life to feel big love and care"

It's the little things that make the biggest impact on mood & energy. Tired as a mother? Draw from this bank of ideas to refuel.  Simple acts of joy, beauty, nurture or self-care can ALL be done from home to lift you up and soothe your soul when raw.
Go outside and take a walk, scatter seeds in a sunny place, enjoy the simple act of spreading beauty in your natural world.  Pick a flower or green sprig for your mini vase. Keep in a place to encourage pause & reflection. Treat yourself to some simple, beautiful, powerful love: Mix a fancy cocktail, a cup of hot or iced tea, pour a scented bath, light a candle, take TIME for a luxurious hair & face mask. Read a chapter of a really good book, soak and let your salts & masks nourish. Gently exfoliate the old and tired and emerge as a rested, glowy and clean self. Give yourself a neck and shoulder rub, go to bed, SLEEP. Tell me you don’t feel just a little bit better? Deep breaths. Keep going, one small step at a time and repeat often!  You are loved, you deserve time, you are beautiful and extraordinary.
Box Contents*

  • One of a kind Pottery Mini Vase
  • Wildflower Seed Mix
  • Floursack Cotton, stitched edge kitchen towel
  • Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup
  • Single serve tin, Bollicini Italian Prosecco
  • Sloan Premium Tea sachets
  • Love DeLight Co. Mini Scented tea light candle
  • Davines Salon Hair Mask
  • Schmear Natural Calming Face Mask
  • DoTerra Deep Blue Shoulder & Neck Massage Rub
  • Lavender & Sage Bath Salts
  • Konjac Gentle Exfoliating Facial Sponge

*content colours and scent may vary slightly by curator’s discretion. Add a personalized note to your gift by using the order notes box in the cart.

**delivery times can not be promised within current conditions.  Packages Ship via Canada Post expedited within 24 hours of receiving order.  Delivery is usually 1-3 days within Ontario.

      Why choose us?

      Our philosophy

      We want to share our thoughtful curation of small batch items to support and promote local artisans we admire.  In turn we offer busy, thoughtful individuals, an opportunity to give and receive sweet care packages for important life moments.


      Both packages were delivered today! And I received amazing texts from both… one friend stating “I needed this more than you know” and “thank you, it really means a lot to me, miss you too!

      Lisa Hughes

      I wanted to thank you for the boxes. Carley and my mum absolutely loved them.  In fact, my mum says she will reach out to order more from you for gifts she needs in the future.  Thanks again!

      Shael G

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