The Surprise Box
The Surprise Box
The Surprise Box
The Surprise Box
The Surprise Box

The Surprise Box

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Some occasions are big and splashy, others are more personal, the moments in between. Not everything or everyone can fit into 'a box'. The Knock Knock Love Surprise box is here for those who love the thrill of anticipation and want to treat a loved one to some indulgence and love but also seek a truly one of a kind curation. Add some clues, colours, words & occasion notes in the check out notes box and we'll surprise you with beauty and thoughtfulness!

Each Standard Surprise Box Will include:

  • Something with Scent
  • Something to keep
  • Something to use
  • Something fabric/ punch of colour
  • Talisman (stone, etc.)
  • Something to sooth 

    Why choose us?

    Our philosophy

    We want to share our thoughtful curation of small batch items to support and promote local artisans we admire.  In turn we offer busy, thoughtful individuals, an opportunity to give and receive sweet care packages for important life moments.


    Both packages were delivered today! And I received amazing texts from both… one friend stating “I needed this more than you know” and “thank you, it really means a lot to me, miss you too!

    Lisa Hughes

    I wanted to thank you for the boxes. Carley and my mum absolutely loved them.  In fact, my mum says she will reach out to order more from you for gifts she needs in the future.  Thanks again!

    Shael G

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