The Baby Box
The Baby Box
The Baby Box
The Baby Box

The Baby Box

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This adorable curation* includes a couple of thoughtful treats for mum as well.  In fact, this box is all about mum & child containing most items handmade by actual mothers so your beloved intendeds will benefit from all the maternal love spun into these handmade treasures.

Standard Box Includes:

  • Sapling Child Baby Heart Bum Pants
  • Substance Baby Nappy Ointment
  • Nana Peggy‘s Snuggly bunny
  • Nana Donna’s washing up cloth with gentle soap
  • Nurture Stone Talisman
  • For mum… Rose quartz crystal bracelet symbolizing love, comfort, self-worth and empathy
  • Calming premium herbal tea, caffeine free 
  • Watercolour gift card with handwritten note

*contents will vary by curator’s discretion based on availability and occasion as specified by you in the cart notes. Add a sweet note to your gift by using the order notes box in the cart.

Why choose us?

Our philosophy

We want to share our thoughtful curation of small batch items to support and promote local artisans we admire.  In turn we offer busy, thoughtful individuals, an opportunity to give and receive sweet care packages for important life moments.


Both packages were delivered today! And I received amazing texts from both… one friend stating “I needed this more than you know” and “thank you, it really means a lot to me, miss you too!

Lisa Hughes

I wanted to thank you for the boxes. Carley and my mum absolutely loved them.  In fact, my mum says she will reach out to order more from you for gifts she needs in the future.  Thanks again!

Shael G

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