Product Stories

  1. Sapling Child Baby Heart Bum Pants: because what’s cuter than a smooshy baby bum?  Put a heart on that and…. Melt!! The founder's children had suffered through horrible skin rashes and irritations motivating her to create something pure, organic, with GOTS approved water-based dyes.
  2. Substance Baby Nappy Ointment: we still use this magic balm for EVERYTHING! These are the purest, highest quality ingredients in one sweet little tub. Use for Nappy ointment, scratches, itchy patches, boo-boo salve, lip balm, hangnails, cheek wind balm, cuticle moisturizer, sore nursing nipples.
  3. Nana Peggy’s hand knit ‘Sleepy Bunny’: Our family benefits often from the creative talents of Nana Peggy. Although mostly a baker, she will pull out her knitting needles for her beloved grandbabies. As a humble perfectionist, we had to convince her that her beautiful work was a special and worthy element of this box of baby love.  Enjoy the pocket sized- baby hand sized mini bunny and oh so soft pom pom with trademark pink heart button nose.Entirely hand made of wool, cotton, and poly stuffing fill.
  4. Pura Beada Rose Quartz Bracelet for Mum: Let’s face it, the last year has been ALL about baby.So, this soft, pink, pretty treat is for mama bear!  Rose Quartz represents love, comfort, self-worth and empathy… a few qualities that mom deserves to feel for herself. The makers of these bracelets take their beads wherever they go and create beautiful bracelets as reminders and energetic encouragement of meaningful qualities.  
  5. Nana Donna’s Washing up cloth: As this box is all about mums, I asked my mum to make a little something to contribute.  She knits these sweet, soft, functional little cloths while sitting on her porch or watching the news. These knitting hands have nurtured 5 of her own babies, cuddled her 7 grandbabies, and have loved countless other babies through her 40+ years of adoption and child services work. May her love come through and bless the life of your little one!  This cloth encloses a pure bar of traditional Ivory soap.  What’s more nostalgic than the scent of Ivory soap to wash your baby? Wash and dry with ease of normal laundering.
  6. Nurture Stone Talisman: Talismans are central to all of our Knock Knock Love boxes as they are a single handmade element from US to YOU, sharing a wish or hope or inspirational word to let you know that you are loved and deserving of beauty and friendship in your life.  Place this stone in a windowsill, in a pocket of a favourite cozy sweater, or by your bed.  Somewhere you’ll see or feel it in a moment you might need a loving lift or reminder. Xo
  7. Special Edition Hatley Baby socks: This is a limited bonus as Hatley kindly donated these gorgeous tins in support of our mission.  We LOVE Hatley*