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Courtney & Caroline met as neighbours in the Spring of 2017 quickly becoming best friends and lifelines in family, friendship and Parenting. We embraced the quote: ‘add more romance to your friendships, and friendship to your romance’ by leaving frequent notes and gifts on each other’s doorsteps immediately followed by a text: ‘knock knock…’. Learning that Caroline’s family was relocating to USA sparked the idea to share our Knock Knock Love with others. We believe in tokens of affection, the power of words, love spun into handmade, and the impact of beautiful, simple, ethically designed and produced items. We want to share our thoughtful curation of small batch items to support and promote local artisans we admire.  And, we want to offer busy, thoughtful individuals, an opportunity to give and receive sweet care packages for important life moments.


Courtney Geddes

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